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MEET THE AUTHOR talks with Paul about his highly anticipated novel "Dream of Courage"

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

MEET THE AUTHOR talks with Paul about his, highly anticipated, novel "Dream of Courage"
MEET THE AUTHOR talks with Paul about his, highly anticipated, novel "Dream of Courage"

Join us, as Rob and Joan from MEET THE AUTHOR talk with Paul about his, highly anticipated, novel "Dream of Courage: Facing Fear Head On". All the way from sunny Florida USA, Paul talks about his Journey from history nerd to self publushed author, to author of best selling historical fiction/thriller novels.

His second novel "Red Winter Journey" was nominated for the 2022 Premiers Literature Award (Christina Stead Award for Fiction) and his new novel has been long listeed for the Historical Fiction Company's Book of the Year 2023. So join us for what guarantees to be a special event.

Dream of Courage: Facing Fear Head On has been described as,

"A literary masterpiece and a must-read for lovers of the historical fiction/thriller genre. It seamlessly blends meticulous research with heart-pounding storytelling. "Dream of Courage" immerses you in a world where ambition defies limits, danger is ever-present, and redemption shines as a beacon of hope in the darkest of times. Rushworth-Brown has crafted a gem of a historical fiction/thriller piece that captures the essence of 18th-century England, forging dreams in the crucible of adversity and celebrating the indomitable human spirit. Don't miss this captivating odyssey of courage and resilience."

Paul Rushworth-Brown Sponsors
Paul Rushworth-Brown Sponsors

Paul Rushworth-Brown is the author of three published novels.

Best selling author of the Skulduggery Trilogy,  Paul Rushworth-Brown
Best selling author of the Skulduggery Trilogy, Paul Rushworth-Brown

He was born in Maidstone, Kent, England in 1962. He spent time in a foster home in Manchester before emigrating to Canada with his mother in 1972. He spent his teenage years living and attending school in Toronto, Ontario, where he played professional soccer in the Canadian National Soccer League. In 1982, he emigrated to Australia to spend time with his father, Jimmy Brown who had moved there from Yorkshire in the mid-fifties.

​Paul was educated at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, Australia. He became a writer in 2015 when he embarked on a six-month project to produce a written family history for his children, Rachael, Christopher and Hayley.

The first book in The Skulduggery Trilogy
The first book in The Skulduggery Trilogy

Skulduggery - In the gripping historical novel "Skulduggery," a reclusive family of copyholders guards their secrets amidst the isolation of their village. But when a brutal attack shakes their world, they find themselves teetering on the precipice of danger.

Set against the turbulent backdrop of the English Reformation, this masterfully crafted tale breathes life into a tapestry of unforgettable characters, both heroes and villains, all entangled in a meticulously realized historical mystery.

As the story unfolds, you'll be transported to an era so vividly depicted that it feels both utterly believable and astonishingly surreal. Prepare for twists and turns that will leave you gasping in surprise, and an ending so unexpected, even the most astute readers will be left in awe.

"Skulduggery" is a mesmerizing journey through a slice of history where deception runs deep, redemption beckons, and every secret holds the power to change lives forever. Prepare to be captivated by a tale that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

The second book in The Skulduggery Trilogy
The second book in The Skulduggery Trilogy

In the tumultuous year of 1642, England is plunged into the throes of a brutal civil war, tearing families and communities apart as they pledge their allegiance to either the King or Parliament. Amidst this chaos, "Red Winter Journey" emerges as a sweeping saga, a timeless odyssey of adventure and heartbreak, sacrifice and unyielding love.

At its core, this unforgettable tale beats with the resolute heart of a mother's boundless love for her son, a love that will be tested to its very limits. As the war unfolds, their historic journey takes them on a rollercoaster of twists and turns, punctuated by a fiery passion that defies the ravages of time.

"Red Winter Journey" is a mesmerizing voyage through a divided land, where the bonds of love and loyalty are both the source of strength and the crucible of their trials. Prepare to be swept away by a story that will leave your heart pounding and your soul forever touched by the enduring power of human connection.

The third and final book in The Skulduggery Trilogy
The third and final book in The Skulduggery Trilogy

Dream of Courage: Facing Fear Head On

Step into a mesmerizing historical fiction thriller that will sweep you away on a pulse-pounding journey through time.

Meet the indomitable Rushworths, impoverished tenants bound to the stern Puritan, Jasper Calamy, within the forbidding walls of Haworth Manor. Theirs is a life of toil, tending sheep and weaving wool from meager scraps, remnants of a world that passes them by.

But when the audacious brothers, Robert and John Rushworth, embark on a daring quest to find their fortune amidst the bustling chaos of The Briggate in Leeds, they unwittingly trigger an extraordinary adventure. Hunted relentlessly by John Wilding, a brutish brogger with no regard for decorum, they must outsmart the very essence of the 'lower sort' that threatens to ensnare them.

In the shadowy recesses of a local tavern, mysteries simmer, and secrets abound. Here, Smythe, a enigmatic figure with a concealed past, thrusts Robert into the treacherous domain of The Haven. It is here that he crosses paths with Captain Girlington of 'The Pearl,' who holds the key to his destiny.

As danger closes in, will Robert elude its suffocating grasp, or will the ominous hangman's noose tighten its deadly hold? Amidst the lurking shadows, can he find a way to unite with his heart's desire, the enchanting Ursula, in a world where passion and peril intertwine?

"Dream of Courage: Facing Fear Head On" is an electrifying historical thriller that propels you across the ages, where courage is the priceless currency of survival, and love serves as the guiding light through the darkest of times. Brace yourself to confront fear head-on and embark on an unforgettable odyssey where destiny hangs in the balance.


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