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It's the fate that we are speaking to our next guest, his name is Paul Rushworth-Brown and he combines his love for history, genealogy and fiction and takes us back in time where time will leave you. I'm telling you, you will not be able to put down really, one of his books but specifically were going to talk about the second book 'Winter of Red'.

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The research for this book was thorough. The author describes the environment and conditions of Yorkshire in the 16th Century, building these facts into fictional circumstances and families living in the times. I found it fascinating that this book came as a result of a search for family history. Very cleverly done and a must-read for those interested in the period and a good read. Looking forward to the next book!

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Official Review: Winter of Red by Paul Rushworth-Brown

The book opens with Tommy thinking about Nan Margery’s death and how it affected his father and mother. I enjoyed the steady pace of the book. The author stayed true to the culture of the time. Every moment was full of suspense. The family relationships were felt as they were well developed with all their complexities. The author uses the characters' thoughts to bring out the background story. He also uses vivid descriptions to paint a picture of the culture of the time. The author uses the English of those times in his narrations and the conversations. There is no foul language. The book is narrated in the third person, but always in such a way as to portray the thoughts of the character being dealt with at the time. This created a connection with the characters.

I enjoyed every bit of it! I was really happy with the way it ended too! The old English words were interesting as they were in my father's vocab & he used to pride himself in being able to use them and teach them to us at home. Your research of the area and history was great. in fact, I'd even say every teenager should read the book! They just might realise that their life IS easy! I loved the way the family was so very close & the men needed their pubs and beer was a penny! Poor bar wenches had a hard job. All was very educational .

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Peasant Sex and Mariage in 17th Century Yorkshire

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